Let’s get the introductions out of the way, shall we? My name (for this blog, at least) is Bonnie Vivante. I chose the pseudonym to emphasize the epicurean aspect of my lifestyle and to act as personal safeguard. (We live in a digital world and I am a paranoid girl.)

I love to eat. I hesitate to call myself a “foodie” because there is a lot I don’t know about food and there are a lot of restaurants I won’t be able to try due to limited financial resources. But I love food. I love the taste and smell of freshly cooked food, I love trying new restaurants, I love going on culinary adventures. I plan my vacations around cuisines I want to try. Occasionally, I cook for myself and entertain daydreams of going to culinary school and opening my own eatery. But they’re just daydreams because, let’s face it, food always tastes better when someone else makes it. If anything, I am a food enthusiast.

I live in southern California. This region doesn’t get much respect in the culinary world, or in general. Say what you will about my home, but our cultural diversity breeds countless, wonderful flavors and we have the best burritos you’ll ever taste without having to go south of the border. (Also, our weather? Kicks your weather’s ass. That’s just a fact.) 95% of the places I review will be based in Orange County and Los Angeles. The rest will be places I’ve carefully selected as food stops on personal vacations.

I grew up eating Filipino food, Mexican food, and cheeseburgers, but I eat anything now. I don’t have a favorite cuisine or entree, but potatoes and cheese are my major vices.

It’s nice to meet you.

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